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Creating What You Want In Your Life


Do you feel that time is passing by ...... and you still haven't make any real headway toward achieving your dreams?
Is it difficult for you to come of up with a clear vision of what you want for yourself? Do you have a dream, desire, goal but you are stuck?

Creating What You Want In Your Life is a coaching teleclass where you will learn practical strategies and exercises to put you in charge of your dreams and making them come true.

  • Get clear about what your dream is
  • Remove the obstacles, especially the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back
  • Design the simple steps to make your dreams happen
  • Motivation, introspection, and practical steps for achieving your goals


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Getting Things Done (Even if you have ADD!)
  • Do you feel you have little control over your time and what you can get done?
  • Lose track of time, spending too much time on some things and so you run out of time?
  • Often feel rushed, run late?
  • Have great difficult scheduling your time?
  • Have a hard time setting limits on your time and how to use it?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, this program is for you! Designed ESPECIALLY for ADDers or people with trouble organizing themselves and their time, you will learn:

  • How to recognize if you are an "over committer" and how to say no and not worry about people being angry with you or not like you!
  • How to get somewhere on time. (I'm not kidding, you really can)
  • How to gain control over your days and your life
  • How to prevent yourself from falling into your ADD time traps
  • How to create a time plan for that will work for YOU

This is a practical interactive program, with things you can use and do right now. It is not a class of theory and concepts. You will learn proven "how- to's" and strategies that work for ADDers. In- between sessions you will get a chance to plug in the things you are learning during the class.

WHEN: To be arranged

Click here to receive "The 4 Ss to Success" article

Receive Information on ADD Coaching by clicking here. 

You can receive an ADD Symptom Checklist immediately by email by clicking here. 




Teleclass Information

What is a teleclass?

Teleclasses are live, interactive learning and training programs conducted over the telephone through state-of-the-art teleconferencing bridge systems.

How does it work?

It’s easy.  After you sign up for a class, we email you with special instructions and a special telephone number to call in on. You simply call the pre-assigned phone number at class time – from home, work, anywhere! – and you are automatically connected to an exciting class and group of people without the inconvenience, time, or expense of traveling. (You can even take the class wearing your bunny slippers if you want.) Classes may be one-time sessions, usually lasting an hour, or may meet for several weeks in a row, usually for an hour each week, or even be offered in an accelerated format, also known as the 5-Day Teleclass Program, where you meet each day in a row for 5 days, usually for 30-45 minutes.

Teleclasses are fun, simple, and hassle-free!

How are teleclasses different from on-site classes, workshops and seminars?

I have been teaching classes, workshops and seminars for over twenty years to groups, companies, and universities and have found that for many topics, you will actually be happier with the teleclass than the “live” class.  Surprisingly, being in a teleclass actually increases participation – in effect, it is as if everyone is sitting in the front row. It is easy to share and be heard…and, of course, you can also choose to sit in the “back row” if you want (though peak performers and leaders rarely do this). As with the live seminars and classes, group interaction and sharing is a vital part of the experience.





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