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My Specialties

  • ADD  Coaching for Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Professionals; Career Coaching for ADDers
  • ADD Life and Business Coaching for ADD and AD/HD Adults

Expert, flexible coaching to help you focus and achieve your dreams and goals. 

  • Strategies to leverage your personal strengths
  • Help you focus on your interests, passions, and style, and create ways to reduce obstacles you have encountered in the past
  • Organize and achieve your goals and dreams!
  • Improve relationships and social skills
  • Help you gain confidence, build your self esteem and start to see more success in your career, personal life and business
  • Teach you how to prioritize and accomplish what is important
  • Collaborate with you so you can focus, organize yourself, and eliminate feelings of being stuck or overwhelmed
  • Help you improve your communication and develop stronger relationships

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