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My Coaching Methods

Encouragement, support and strategies to help you focus and achieve your dreams and goals.  I primarily coach clients on the telephone. My clients live all across the United States and Canada, so your location does not matter.



ADD Coaching can be an important part of a comprehensive program for individuals with ADD.  The coaching process helps you learn to take ownership and develop self responsibility. Coaching is individualized and action-focused, so you can build productive habits and systems that lead to a fulfilling life.

ADD coaching also:

  • Provides you with support and understanding from an experienced coach who is knowledgeable about ADD.
  • Helps you identify your strengths, the parts of ADD that actually work well for you.
  • Provides understanding about how ADD creates personal challenges for you and what you can do about it.
  • Nurtures personal awareness and responsibility, and encourages you to look for options that lead to progress and success.
  • Guides you into actions to rebuild self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-regulation.
  • Helps you fill in the gaps and improve your social skills (ability to interact with a variety of people, communicate effectively, keep up with and nurture relationships with others)
  • Focuses on your executive functioning skills (i.e., planning, prioritizing, and analyzing) to create customized systems that will improve the your consistency and effectiveness.
  • Offers a safe environment for you to let go of your isolation and helps you form a nurturing connection with another person.
  • Provides consistent accountability and encourages the you to move beyond thinking into appropriate action.
  • Helps you learn to advocate and speak out for you needs, questions, and boundaries.

ADD coaching builds hope by educating you about ADD. It is instrumental in developing systems and strategies that you can use in effectively managing your own ADD challenges, which can dramatically improve the quality of your life.



1.  We start with a client information form which you complete and email back. Then we will have an initial session to address all your issues, needs and expectations. We will set up a coaching plan that is designed specifically for you.

2. We begin our regular sessions, which are three (or four) times a month. These sessions are conducted by phone.

3.  In between sessions, there are frequent check-ins by phone, email, or instant messenger - they are an essential part of the coaching process.

4.  During our coaching sessions we solve problems and work out strategies to help you focus and achieve your  career, business, personal and relationship goals. 

  • Focus on what you want to accomplish
  • Solve that stressed out, overwhelmed feeling
  • Get you started and complete on projects and tasks
  • Achieve your goals in life and business
  • Pursue a new career, start a business
  • Get organized and stay on track
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed


Do you have desire? Ready to take your life to new levels of success, satisfaction, peace and abundance? Yes? Iím ready if you are!  To set up a complimentary session, click here.   Or give me a call at 770-395-6478.

With twenty-six years experience in counseling, consulting and small business as well as professional training in psychology, career counseling, coaching, and change management, you will be working with someone with professional integrity, qualifications and proven experience. I have graduate degrees, been trained in professional ADHD coaching and have extensive experience. 

I look forward to talking with you!

Best wishes!  Vicki

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