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 "What is ADD Coaching?"


  • Life Coaching for Adults with ADD or ADHD

  • Small Business Owner Coaching

  • Executive Coaching

  • Career Coaching for Adults with ADD or AD/HD

  • Coaching for Creatives to help you with your career, entrepreneurial interests, business, and life



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Professional telephone-based coaching available across the US;  Clients nationwide



              Specializing in ADD  AD/HD Coaching for Adults


I coach adults who have ADD or AD/HD and other people who have ADD-like challenges such as difficulty focusing and sustaining attention, getting distracted, difficulty organizing and staying organized, problems with time (being on time, starting on time, finishing in time, etc.), restlessness, difficulty prioritizing things so the most important things get done, procrastination, and impulsivity.


 What can coaching do for YOU?

  • Help you get clear and focused
  • Get organized
  • Learn how to make good choices and decisions
  • End procrastination
  • Get mentally and physically organized
  • Prioritize what you want and need to do
  • Re-program negative "tapes"
  • Use your time to best advantage
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Identify your passions and interests
  • Learn how to manage your stress
  • Live healthier
  • Improve your relationships
  • Get on track, stay on track!
  • Focus and achieve..... Live the life you deserve!


Coaching can help you if you:

  • Get off track easily, can't complete things, get distracted

  • Feel like there's too much to do and you will never get it all done

  • Have difficultly getting and staying organized

  • Feel like you are not achieving your potential

  • Try - - and try - -and try and just can't solve these challenges

  • Want to find out how to have a great life even if you have ADD


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ADD coaching:

  • Provides you with support and understanding from an experienced coach who is knowledgeable about ADD.
  • Helps you identify your strengths, the parts of ADD that actually work well for you.
  • Provides understanding about how ADD creates personal challenges for you and what you can do about it.
  • Nurtures personal awareness and responsibility, and encourages you to look for options that lead to progress and success.
  • Guides you into actions to rebuild self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-regulation.
  • Helps you fill in the gaps and improve your social skills (ability to interact with a variety of people, communicate effectively, keep up with and nurture relationships with others)
  • Focuses on your executive functioning skills (i.e., planning, prioritizing, and analyzing) to create customized systems that will improve the your consistency and effectiveness.
  • Offers a safe environment for you to let go of your isolation and helps you form a nurturing connection with another person.
  • Provides consistent accountability and encourages the you to move beyond thinking into appropriate action.
  • Helps you learn to advocate and speak out for you needs, questions, and boundaries.



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